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Took me a while but  Ifinally finished it!

…..Autumn is near.



and everytime hyu introduced himself i always made up the weirdest stuff ever like making a noisy truck pass by or even a marching band happy times

Anonymous said:
❝ omg i'm sure you are one of the first hugh blogs ever and also i'm almost sure your first url had something to do with his name right? i'm so glad i found you again! @w@ ❞

((omg for how long this message was in my inbox…………….i’m trash

hhhhhhhhi don’t know if i’m the first!! but i’m sure i was one of the first hyus!! and my url was my-name-is-none-of-your-business because we only knew his name when the game was released ;;;;; and for that a masterlist didn’t accept me because there was very few info about him rip))

Someone should tell me why I am wearing a jacket on a hot day!!



I want spaghetti.

I gotta pee.